I’m close to retirement and want to know “how much can I spend in retirement?”

Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy with The Diligent Group
Are you approaching retirement and starting to consider what your life will look like in retirement? Will you need to reduce your living standards to ensure your funds do not run out? Will you be able to afford to have holidays each year or simply not have to worry because you want to go to a fancy restaurant? As we all get closer to retirement we start to concern ourselves ...
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Young family, children and a mortgage? That’s why you need insurances!

Insurances with the Diligent Group
When we are single we often do not consider the consequences of getting sick and being unable to work for an extended period (or even worse, the implications of dying.).  Also being young tends to make us feel invincible, that nothing bad will happen to us and as such insurances are a waste of money. Later in life we find a significant partner we want to spend the rest of ou...
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Scary superannuation changes coming into effect 1 July 2017! (Part 2)

Scary superannuation changes coming into effect 1 July 2017! Are you ready.
In our previous article we discussed the changes to concessional contributions limits falling from $30,000 or $35,000 to $25,000 for all tax payers. In addition to this change there has been a significant positive change to allow partially elf employed people to make tax deductible contributions to their super fund. Partially self-employed people are individuals that have an...
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Can I purchase property inside my SMSF without borrowing money?

SMSFs with the Diligent Group
Most of us have heard by now that Self-Managed Super Funds (“SMSF”) can borrow money to purchase investment properties. This in fact has been a major growth area for the SMSF sector with a surge in borrowing over the past 10 or so years with a lot of financial advisors and of course property developers tapping into this demand from mums and dads. It seems that the drive behind ...
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Federal Budget May 2015 [Individual]

So what does last night’s Federal Budget look like for all of us? Families 1. Families Package – let’s get to the big one. A new Child Care Subsidy (Work Force Participation Scheme). So what is this really? a. Comes into effect 1 July 2017 onwards so there is it is still 2 years away; b. It will replace the Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate, Jobs Education & Trainin...
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Federal Budget May 2015 [Business]

Federal Budget May 2015 Small Business Package   So What’s In It For Small Business   Firstly the measures are targeted at business that turn over (sales) less than $2 million dollars and the range of measures include: Instant deduction of for any capital expenditure less than $20,000 and kicks in from 13th May 2015 (unless you managed to purchase ...
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Survive Losing a Key Employee [Employment]

As small business owners we often rely on one or two key people inside our business. Our small business is definitely reliant on us, the owners of the business and maybe one or two of our key employees. Often we think about our best sales person as being key to our business as they bring clients or customers through our doors, generating business for us. However we do often for...
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