Selecting high value people that CARE (Guest Blog from Edward Zia)

Our trusted friend Edward is a Marketing Mentor & Coach that we know, appreciate and trust. He has helped us out with our own Marketing and it was great seeing him during a recent visit. As we spoke, he realised it was a great opportunity to write a guest blog for us.

Selecting high value people that CARE (Guest Blog from Edward Zia):

I had an incredibly productive day today speaking to dozens of people, making new friends and helping set some new businesses in motion.

My lunch time meeting got moved to the following day and I was driving through the Inner West of Sydney, I called into some wonderful friends to say hello. ‘The Diligent Group’ are wonderful incredible people who I know from multiple viewpoints.

Firstly, I work with them and they are wonderful clients. Secondly, I have seen the effort and love they put into their clients. Thirdly and most importantly, their clients love them with incredible reviews.

If you get to know the wonderful Samson J Patrick who runs the show there, it doesn’t take long to work this point out. They really care about their clients; their clients never leave and importantly everyone loves them and what they do.

Using them as a model template here and let’s say you are picking a supplier or client to work with, there are key points to consider as part this. These are their key traits & virtues to look out for:

-          Kind, reasonable and listen.

-          Look at the world with objectivity.

-          They appreciate what you do, and you appreciate them.

-          Their clients are very happy, and they have strong goodwill.

-          They are successful people that you could easily hang out with.

My lessons and thinking? Samson is an incredible person and if you know him, think of his key traits and look in the mirror yourself. I firstly like to ask myself if I am truly walking the talk. If that is the case (which I am sure it is), then apply this filter to suppliers and clients you choose to work with.

Strong businesses are built with high value clients, so make sure you do your best and go for those wonderful people. This creates a massive win / win that keeps everyone happy and wonderful.

I love your work, thank you for the read and appreciate it Diligent Group! Love your work.

Thank you Edward Zia! We at The Diligent Group appreciate it. 

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