GROW your Small Business with Competitive, Accessible and TRUSTED Business Finance

Concept of green plant grow on Australian Dollar currency note.
We at the Diligent Group partner with our clients for the long haul and we love Small Businesses in how they grow, create jobs, give back to the economy and give business owners their hard-earned sense of success. As Small Business Advisory experts, we delve into many facets of running a business, with one key area being that of Business Finance just for small businesses. ...

Selecting high value people that CARE (Guest Blog from Edward Zia)

Our trusted friend Edward is a Marketing Mentor & Coach that we know, appreciate and trust. He has helped us out with our own Marketing and it was great seeing him during a recent visit. As we spoke, he realised it was a great opportunity to write a guest blog for us. Selecting high value people that CARE (Guest Blog from Edward Zia): I had an incredibly productive da...

PROFITABLE High Return & Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Edward Zia and his community busy at work teaching High Return Marketing Strategies.
When it comes to our own Small Businesses and living the ‘high life’ of an Entrepreneur; ‘Returns’ mean absolutely everything. After all we are spending money that could be in in our own BANK ACCOUNT and it adds a completely new dimension to our thinking and requirements of any Marketing & Sales Strategy we make use of. I remember noticing this greatly when I was a Co...

What You Need to Know About Negative Gearing

The Labor Party’s proposed changes to the nation’s “negative gearing” policy are scheduled to go into effect in June 2017, and those changes could have important implications for values in the Australian property market. Under the proposed changes, only new properties can be negatively geared. That’s a sharp departure from the current policy, in which all properties can be nega...

Cyber Liability – Protecting your business online!

Probably one of the most drastic changes in the way we do business in the last decade is that virtually every company now has an online presence and in many cases companies are only trading online. Business Insurance hasn’t always kept pace with the rate of movement of business risk into cyberspace. Most business insurances specifically exclude loss from electronic data and ...