PROFITABLE High Return & Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Edward Zia and his community busy at work teaching High Return Marketing Strategies.

When it comes to our own Small Businesses and living the ‘high life’ of an Entrepreneur; ‘Returns’ mean absolutely everything.

After all we are spending money that could be in in our own BANK ACCOUNT and it adds a completely new dimension to our thinking and requirements of any Marketing & Sales Strategy we make use of.

I remember noticing this greatly when I was a Corporate in that people would spend $5K, $10K, $50K, $200K and more in a heart-beat. However, when it came to money out of their own wallet / handbag it would be a near decision between life and death for spend $100.

We get this and as entrepreneurs this thinking is something we encounter on a daily basis.

To make this all easier, it’s ideal to always start with the best High Return and Low Cost Marketing Strategies. This obviously drives profit and also gives us the best opportunity to grow our businesses in record time.

From the thousands I have worked with, these are our top strategies we often workshop to get maximum customer growth ASAP. Some will suit you and some won’t and it’s critical to pick the right area to work on first:

1.       Get your edge right: Your key point of difference in a simple tagline is everything. After all, why should people choose to work with your company? Make it sharp, short and specific so people just know what you are all about.

2.       Make sure your Website Converts: Your website sits there 24 hours per day 7 days a week and it’s great to update them to make sure it’s bringing you leads. This may require improvements in wording, design and flow to make it happen.

3.       A beautiful Design and Compelling Identity: You must look the part and people will only take you seriously if you have a great beautiful look and image. A great logo, well designed materials, the right colours and really communicate what you are all about. This sells to the ‘sub conscious mind’ in one swoop.

4.       High Value Business Networking: Business Chambers are one of our personal favourites with many other networking events giving you a regular chance to meet potential clients and referral partners face to face. It’s great to go there to make friends, get business appointments and then work one on one to turn them into customers. Minimal costs for this great all time strategy.

5.       Social Media Domination: Both Facebook & LinkedIn are massive in Australia and the top platforms that continue to grow in usage and popularity. Facebook is great for speaking to your community with LinkedIn great for B2B direct communications. Powerful!

6.       Email Marketing: Send a simple email to your massive database for basically free using a platform like Mailchimp. You can also build your databases many ways from cards collected at Chambers to those that opt-in on your website.

7.       Trusted Friends & Partners: Build your own referral group of trusted friends and give each other business. Very free and very high return (Business Networking is also a great place to meet them).

8.       Running Free & Valuable Events: Your customers may find you through high value events and if you can put together a regular gathering for them to come, this is just perfect. For example, we run free Marketing events every fortnight giving people free strategies, tools and ideas. They love us and hire us.

9.       Public Relations & Speaking at Events: Speak to the media, give them great stories about you and speak as an expert at events across town. Powerful for getting that massive exposure.

10.   Superior Technology & Reflexes: Your Marketing is only great when you move fast, respond to leads ASAP and hit the Market hard. That is what we are all about.

Our advice and thinking? Meet with the team from The Diligent Group and work through your numbers and the reality of what your business requires. When you are ready to get more high value clients, they can point you in the right direction and even get us involved to assist.

Whatever you do, make sure you take intelligent action and measure your returns so you know you are going to win.

We are here to help and many thanks for your attention.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Blogger on behalf of The Diligent Team

The Diligent Group - Beyond The Numbers

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